GSoC final project report

Hello again ! This is my GSoC final project report blog, so this is going to be a very simple and straightforward post without pictures(..but just one !) and jokes ! It will give you all the information about what work we did during GSoC and point you towards code and documentation produced during the project.

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Celebration is in Order

In the The Final Piece post we announced the completion of our GSoC project i.e. Porting Nautilus Properties Dialog to use GtkBuilder, now like any other craft this too needs finishing, and polishing, so that the advantages of the project could be felt by the end-user using it and the developer working on it, who perhaps might improve this even more.

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Finally, here it is! My "My First GUADEC" post. It’s been three months since I have been working on my GSoC project, and as the project itself and GSoC approach their final days, I would like to talk about my GUADEC experience. Ever since the GSoC results were announced, I had been aware of the fact that GSoC students, not only get to attend but also get an opportunity to present their work at the annual GNOME Conference called GUADEC, which brings together users and enthusiasts from all over the world. Words are not enough to express the kind of excitement I’ve had for attending this.

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The Final Piece

Porting Nautilus properties dialogue to use GtkBuilder has been going quiet well, this blog post is another progress update about the same.

The final piece in the puzzle still remains. The Open-With page, of the properties dialogue. Open-with page is a rather un-noticed but a very significant part of the properties-dialogue, It allows us to set, change the application which would launch for a particular file based on its MIME type.

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Revisiting Basic and Permissions Page

Porting of Basic and Permissions pages, have been covered in the previous posts, but like the heading suggests there sure was something left. The candidates which remained to be ported were the volume usage widget featuring the pie-chart and the change permissions dialogue which can be used to change permissions of enclosed files in a folder.

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The first Contribution, GNOME & GSoC

Artist : anonymous

Well, why the ants ? Think teamwork, think team effort, interdependent efforts, voluntary involvement, the easy stuff, the hard stuff, the small and the large stuff, they all do it together, collectively and end up making what all of us call an ant-hill. A self sustaining ecosystem capable of supporting various ants, queen ant,the female workers, and male ants and the baby ants of-course. Who will in-turn help build a bigger ant-hill bootstrapped upon its previous design and so on into the future . . . .

Well enough said about ants ! You get where I am going !

This post is about how I came to contribute to an open-source project, got started on a journey I had been looking forward to since ever.

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The Lovelorn Playlist

Artist : Roy Lichtenstein

Ever been a Lovelorn ? The first thing you wanted in the morning was not water or that morning pee but those three songs to get you through the day. Melodies which will calm your agitated heart and bring peace to your mind. Holy-Moly ! The first morning cigarettes with the artist whining away in the background, the best company you will ever find, ever get ! Feel good dear, No questions Asked !

Well when asked a little right away us all will have a different catalogue of what gets us through, what makes our soul sing, what it takes to iron out all the creases in our minds fabric and set things smooth and straight ! Cringe all you want ( PS: even i am ! ) but this is where you’ll come back darling.

Getting right to point here’s what gets me through the day –

  1. Bol Do Na Zara – Azhar| Armaan Malik
  2. Tera Ban Jaunga – Kabir Singh | Tulsi Kumar, Akhil Sachdeva
  3. Tera Chehra – Adnan Sami


feels good to be back

So, what does it take to make a person again ? What are we made up of ? Is it us totally, or little tiny pieces of everyone around us, everyone in the world ! Maybe thats why it’s said ” we rise by lifting others “
If you have heard gossip about me, maybe you saw this post coming 😂😂
As part of #blessingshared by @project_reachout family I am sharing these five pictures of the time and the things it took to turn me around into a different person !

Starting at a point where I found myself in a pit of criticism to the point where I look different, I live with friends, and above all am inching towards my dreams. A really crazy year is all it took, disrupting my life to do the things I hadn’t before, be it volunteering for the special, play in open-street fest, speak Kannada on stage, moving out, college marathon or looking different. I did it all.
To feel like you never have, you gotta do something you never have.
@project_reachout played a huge role in all this, by presenting to me some different facets of society, spreading happiness among those who needed it the most . I realised that we gotta do all we can, while we can, to value and to enjoy our beautiful lives !

I further nominate @vijayalakshmi_revur @monisha009
to continue this chain of posts about happy experiences !
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#empoweringyouth #embracinglives #ReachOut


Yes I complicate things !!

git diff

As simple as the above two words might sound, to all the computer and non-computer folks, all of us know that there is a limit to which you can complicate things . Well the thing pretty much speaks for itself ` diff ` what other than a difference would it indicate to.

Well it did to my idling curiosity : set theory !!

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